Virgin Vehicle

Make your next Vehicle a Custom Ordered

 Virgin Vehicle!






Why Custom Order?

  • Below Bottom Line Pricing!  Special Order a Virgin Vehicle and BUY at, near, or in most cases BELOW dead cost factory invoice depending on Model.  Plus, get any and all applicable factory rebates in addition Guaranteed!
  • Get Exactly What You Want  With a Virgin Vehicle, you get a fresh vehicle with the exact equipment in the exact color you desire; no more no less.  Plus, you take delivery in as quick as 13 days.  WOW!  Perfect for planning your lease renewal.
  • Guaranteed Trade Appraisals  At the time of the initial order we will appraise and guarantee a high trade-in value good through the final delivery date. Our customers love this for they can continue normal wear and tear on their trade without depreciation and retain the option to sell their trade for more in the mean time.
  • Absolute Total Ease of Purchase  The best part of ordering from Albion Motors Ford Mercury, Inc. is we will complete the whole transaction simple and easy in person or by phone and e-mail.
  • Airport shuttles available from any terminal in Michigan

Out of State Buyers

  • Custom Order your  Virgin Vehicle Today and SAVE BIG!  We will arrange shipping from the Factory to You.



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